Puppy Tusky Husky's Teeth

Puppy Tusky Husky is a character in Krypto the Superdog (AKA Adventures of the Super Puppies Series) and a member of The Dog Star Patrol. He is a blue Siberian Husky who speaks with a French accent. He is a good-natured dog and loves to drill through things with his massive tooth. As for Puppy Tusky Husky, he's a member of The Pup Star Patrol. Puppy Tusky Husky can only be seen in "Adventures of the Super Puppies" and "Krypto the Superpup".

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Powers and Abilities Edit Edit

Alien Physiology: Puppy Tusky Husky is an alien from another planet who possess the ability to manipulate his sharp tooth.

  • Sharp Tooth: Puppy Tusky Husky has a long, sharp front tooth that he can use.
    • Tooth Retraction: Puppy Tusky Husky can retract his tooth back into his mouth and bring it out back again.
    • Tooth Drilling: Puppy Tusky Husky can use his tooth as a drill.
    • Enhanced Strength: When rotating his tooth, Puppy Tusky Husky can drill dig holes, and to break walls as well as using it as a sword.
    • Enhanced Durability: Puppy Tusky Husky's long, pointed front tooth is made from one of the strongest materials ever existed.

Weaknesses Edit Edit

Toothless: In the moment when he waits for a new tooth to grow in to replace his old one, he is unprotected. He stated were he come from it takes a long time for the baby teeth to fall out and its unpredictable when a new one is going to grow back.

Kryptonite Pox: Gets sick while coughing and sneezing.