Puppy Bull Dog smiling
Puppy Bull Dog
Puppy Bull Dog is a character in Krypto the Superdog (AKA Adventures of the Super Puppies Series) and a member of The Dog Star Patrol. He is a blue English Bulldog who speaks with an English accent and has large bull horns that he uses to attack foes and break things. He's best friends with Puppy Tail Terrier. Even if Puppy Bull Dog is the member of The Pup Star Patrol. Puppy Bull Dog may only be seen in "Adventures of the Super Puppies" and "Krypto the Superpup".

Powers and Abilities Edit Edit

Alien Physiology: Puppy Bull Dog is an alien from another planet who possess the ability to grow horns.

  • Bull Horn Retraction: When he is going to attack to somebody, bull horns grow behind his ears, making him a real Bull-Dog, also able to retract them back into his head.

Weaknesses Edit

Kryptonite Pox: Gets sick while coughing and sneezing.