Puppy Brainy
Puppy Brainy Barker is a main character in the "Krypto the Superdog" series. (AKA Adventures of the Super Puppies Series) She is a Saluki (although she refers to herself as an Afghan Hound in the episode "Meet the Dog Stars") and is the head of the Dog Star Patrol (DSP). Puppy Brainy Barker is the member of the (PSP). She has the ability to read minds and create 3-D images with her ears.

Her personality is known to be kind and warm to her friends but fierce, stern and angry with enemies and bad behavior.

She is usually seen sitting on a pink floating cushion or at the Control Hatch. She has a crush on Krypto the Superdog. Puppy Brainy Barker may only be seen in "Adventures of the Super Puppies" and "Krypto the Superpup".

History EditEdit

Barker was an alien superhero dog and a possible resident of Colu as well as possessing a possible connection to Superman's arch-enemy Brainiac. Eventually, Barker became Brainy Barker, a leader and member of the Dog Star Patrol.

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Powers and Abillities Edit Edit

Alien Physiology: Puppy Brainy Barker's an alien canine who possesses mental abilities.

  • Telepathy: Puppy Brainy Barker has the power to read the thoughts of others and their memories.
    • 3-D Image Thought: Puppy Brainy Barker can create 3-D images with her ears, when reading someones mind she can project their thoughts and memories and making everyone see what she heard. She can also project her own thoughts even when she's sleeping.
  • Telekinesis: Puppy Brainy Barker can lift and manipulate objects with her mind.
    • Force-Fields: Puppy Brainy Barker can project force-fields for offense and defense.
    • Levitation: Puppy Brainy Barker usually levitates herself when sitting on a pink cushion to get around, also able to counter the gravitational pull of other planets.

Weaknesses Edit

Kryptonite Pox: Gets sick while coughing and sneezing.