Mammoth Mutt

Mammoth Mutt is a pink chihuahua puppy. She can deflate and inflate herself to be massive! Mammoth Mutt is part of the DSP! (Dog Star Patrol).

Powers and Abilities EdEdit

  • Inflation & Spherical Form: Mammoth Mutt can force her body to inflate into a large ball that deflects projectiles, allows her to roll at fast speeds and bounce to great heights.
    • Limb Expansion: Mammoth Mutt can also focus her limbs to expand for more strength, although it's rare to find in the Forever Puppy and Friends Wiki's Edition of the information of Mammoth Mutt.
    • Deflection: While rolling around as a ball she can deflect incoming projectiles.
    • Enhanced Strength: While rolling around as a ball she can slam into large objects and crush them.
    • Enhanced Durability: While rolling around as a ball she can withstand powerful blows.
    • Super Leap: While rolling around as a ball she can bounce to great heights with little effort.

Weaknesses EditEdit

Low Defenses: If someone, like the Forever Puppy; with the Go-go Forever Puppy Heavy, Massive, and Round Object Lifter, is strong enough to lift her up in her ball form, Mammoth Mutt seems to be helpless. 

Ticklishness: If someone manages to tickle her while crushed, she will laugh uncontrollably and will get exhausted.

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